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Enhanced oil recovery
Surfactant Polymer Flood (SP)

In the Surfactant Polymer Flood (SP) process, a very low concentration of low adsorption surfactant is used to achieve ultra low interfacial tension between the trapped oil and the injection fluid/formation water. SP eliminates scale issues and polymer degradation issues associated with ASP. The higher viscosity injection fluid results in oil recovery levels similar to ASP.

Oil Chem Technologies' GreenSurf Series (patent pending) for sandstone reservoirs and Super Surfactant SS Series (patented) for carbonate reservoirs is specially designed for low adsorption in surfactant polymer floods. The revolutionary, new surfactant makes surfactant polymer floods both feasible and economical.


Oil Chem Technologies SP surfactants offer the following advantages:

  • Stable in temperatures above 150 C

  • Tolerant of high TDS above 250,000 PPM

  • No need to soften water

  • Low adsorption

  • Relatively independent of oil prices

  • Made from renewable resources

  • Low IFT at low concentrations - < 0.01 mN/M at 0.05 - 0.2 wt% concentration

Figure 1 illustrates the low adsorption properties of GreenSurf green surfactants.

GreenSurf Surfactant Adsorption

Figure 1 - GreenSurf Adsorption


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