Innovative Chemistry

New AASA And Suggested Applications

US Patent No: 6043391 Canadian Patent No.: 2319092

Oil Chem Technologies has developed a new family of anionic surfactants derived from the reaction of alpha olefin sulfonic acids and various aromatic compounds.

This surfactant type differs from the traditional alkyl aryl sulfonic acid since the new AASA has the SO3 group attached to the alkyl chain instead on the benzene ring and bring a series of completely different properties.  They can be used to replace traditional alkyl aryl sulfonate with added benefits in the following industries:

  • Emulsifier in asphalt application
  • Lube oil additives
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) surfactants
  • Asphaltene dispersant
  • Crystal habit modifier
  • Catalyst
  • Detergents
Aryl Alkyl Sulfonates
Description Structures Potential Applications
Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acids and their salts
Detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, for agricultural surfactants, metal treating, corrosion inhibitors, oil field, emulsion polymerization, etc.
Dialkylbenzene disulfonic acids and their salts
Dispersants, emulsifiers, wetting agents, hydrotropes, for cleaners, detergents, emulsion polymerization, metal treating, agriculture, oilfield, etc.
Dialkylbenzene sulfonic acids and their salts Dispersants and emulsifiers for oil field, agriculture, emulsion polymerization, heavy duty cleaners, metal treating, lubricants, etc.
Alkyltoluene/alkyl Xylene sulfonic acids and their salts Dispersants and emulsifiers for EOR, heavy duty cleaners, drilling muds, metal treating, oilfield, lubricants, etc.
Alkylnaphthalene sulfonic acids/ condensed alkyl naphthalene sulfonic acids and their salts Dispersants and emulsifiers for cleaners, detergents, agriculture, oilfield, drilling muds, cement, EOR, metal treating, etc.
Alkylphenol sulfonic acids/condensed alkylphenol sulfonic acids and their salts Demulsifiers, emulsifiers, dispersants for drilling muds, agriculture, water treatment, emulsion polymerization. Can be further alkoxylated with EO, PO, BO, etc. Also suggested as intermediate for pharmaceuticals, dyes, pigments, etc.