Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Oil Chem Technologies is a technology provider of surfactants used for Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) including ASP and SP.

Differentiating them from other chemical manufacturers, Oil Chem combines 20 years of actual field Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery experience, patented state-of-the-art surfactant technologies, and strong alliances with world-class chemical manufacturers to provide field-proven surfactants for EOR.

Oil Chem Technologies has been involved with one of the world’s first field-wide ASP projects starting in Daqing, China, using low-concentration, one component ORS-41 surfactant since 1995.  Oil Chem Technologies has since provided over 80 million pounds of surfactants worldwide, which have been successfully injected at an average concentration of 0.1 wt% without co-surfactant, co-solvent, or salinity optimization.  Oil Chem Technologies continues to develop innovative, effective, and economical surfactants based on the field results using their novel chemistries for EOR.


Oil recovered,bbl, per bbl Oil Chem ASP surfactant injected

bbl oil increase per bbl surfactant using asp eor

Oil Chem Enhanced Oil Recovery EOR Surfactants

Chemical Types Oil Chem Product Lines

Internal Olefin Ether Sulfonates

enhanced oil recovery

SuperSurfTM Series for Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs – ASP & SP

  • Green renewable resources based raw material
  • Combines IOS and AES into one molecule
  • Low adsorption, high temperature stable, one component Guerbet structure
  • High temperature stable and salinity tolerant

Alcohol Ether Sulfonates

US Patent No. 7,629,299 & Patent Pending

Super SurfactantTM Series for Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs – ASP & SP

  • No toxic intermediates
  • High temperature stable, salinity tolerant
  • Low adsorption

Alkyl Aryl Sulfonates

US Patent No. 6,022,834; 6,043,391; 7,605,287; 7,678,937; 7,863,476

ORSTM Surfactant Series for Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs – ASP

  • Versatile and field proven, > 70 mm lb used successfully in the field @ 0.1% avg. concentration
  • Temperature stable
  • Can be optimized for different oil/brine
Amphoteric Surfactants
US Patent No. 7,556,098; 7,373,977

Super SurfactantTM series for Carbonate Reservoirs – ASP & SP

  • Green-based raw material
  • Methyl carboxylates stable > 140 °C
  • Amido methyl carboxylate stable up to 80 °C