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Enhanced oil recovery / Improved oil recovery
Enhanced Oil Recovery Surfactants

Oil Chem Technologies specializes in surfactants for chemical EOR (IOR) and has patented surfactants and processes for enhanced oil recovery.

The advantages of Oil Chem's innovative surfactants and processes for EOR are:

  • Low surfactant concentration is used for the flood and has been field proven to be effective and successful.
  • No salinity optimization is required. New concepts have been developed to optimize the partition coefficients of the surfactant using the available injection brine. This reduces reduces the the risk of clay swelling and migration due to changes in the formation salinity, minimizes polymer degradation due to high salt content, and lowers the overall cost of the project.
  • One-component, optimized surfactant is used to avoid the use of co-surfactant and/or solvents. This means simplified surface injection equipment, reduced operations costs, optimized injection composition and higher return on investment.
  • Low adsorption surfactant for surfactant polymer (SP) flood. A revolutionary, low adsorption surfactant makes surfactant polymer flood (SP) feasible. SP eliminates scale issues and polymer degradation issues associated with ASP.
  • Field Proven Results. With over 20 successful EOR projects world-wide, Oil Chem Technologies' surfactants are field proven with published results. See Published Field Results.
  • Customized surfactants and processes based on the performance requirements, logistics, available raw material supply and producers, reservoir conditions and customer preference.
  • Continuous development of new products and processes based on the changing conditions, requirements and our field experiences.
  • Complimentary surfactant screening to identify the optimum surfactant customized for your field conditions.

Oil Chem Technologies developed several series of surfactants to meet the needs of the various processes and conditions.


  ORS Surfactants Super Surfactants GreenSurf Smart Surfactant
EOR Applications ASP   SP, ASP SP, ASP Visco-elastic surfactant that provides low IFT and viscosity
TDS Tolerance 30,000 ppm >100,000 ppm >200,000 ppm >200,000 ppm
Ca, Mg tolerance ~400 ppm > 1000 ppm > 2000 ppm > 2000 ppm
Temperature Stability > 100C > 100C > 100C 90C
Water softening Yes SP - No
ASP - Yes
SP - No
ASP - Yes
Source Petro based Petro and bio based Bio based Bio based
Co-surfactant required No No No No
Co-solvents required No No No No
Salinity optimization required No No No No
IP Status Patented Patented Patent pending Patented