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Enhanced oil recovery
Alkali Surfactant Polymer Flood (ASP)

In the Alkaline Surfactant Polymer (ASP) process, a very low concentration of the surfactant is used to achieve ultra low interfacial tension between the trapped oil and the injection fluid/formation water. The ultra low interfacial tension also allows the alkali present in the injection fluid to penetrate deeply into the formation and contact the trapped oil globules. The alkali then reacts with the acidic components in the crude oil to form additional surfactant in-situ, thus, continuously providing ultra low interfacial tension and freeing the trapped oil. In the ASP Process, polymer is used to increase the viscosity of the injection fluid, to minimize channeling, and provide mobility control.

Oil Chem Technologies's patented ORS and ORS-HF series surfactants are specifically formulated for each field to optimize the oil recovery. Crude oil characteristics, brine characteristics, bottom hole temperature, alkali, well history, and treatment design are considered to maximize the treatment results.

Chemical EOR ASP Results in Western Canada


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